Teme& pak


Material-harmony of ‘cement’ and ‘ink’.

In this work, cement that has been used for construction because of its hardness and ink that was used for writing and drawing in Asia from the ancient times were used as main materials. ‘Ink’ and ‘cement’ show colour-contrast of black and white and natural harmony of combination material at the same time. The beginning of this work is ‘inspiration’. People find newness through worrying and thinking and express it as ‘getting inspiration’. Inspiration seems to give people powerful impression, but it is not easy to materialize it. When time passes by and inspiration gets unclear, people return to the stage before thinking. The ‘black ink’ intensely comes to people, but the fact that the boundary can’t be determined clearly expresses the impression of certainty and uncertainty of inspiration.

From three to ten cement entities are needed to complete one work and it takes 24 hours to complete one entity. To express effects of ink in cement mixed with water, a picture is painted on cement using ink and a brush before cement is hardened. White cement and black ink shows a powerful visual contrast effect. It takes time for cement to harden. While cement hardens, black ink spreads into cement and blurs the boundary with cement. There just are properties of materials and time and there are no artificial elements. Cement and ink achieve harmony very naturally and highlight each other.