Teme& pak


NOV-DEC (2018) is the winter version for the seasonal fragrance series, which was launched on July 13, 2018 at COEX in Seoul, Korea. This project was inspired by the sensory (visual, olfactory, taste, auditory, tactile) changes gained from observing ‘everyday’. Seasonal Perfume Series was a project that reflects the current status of the observer(Temen Pak), and was influenced by the space and time of the observer’s actual daily life rather than typical seasonal features.

‘There is my workshop in the center of the Seongsudong metal industrial area where I can hear the sound of work from early dawn.’

‘On a cold winter day, there is the moment of the warmth when I breathe into both hands covering my face.’

‘My father, who had quite ground an ink stick before writing calligraphy and the ink stick made by kneading the soot of pine roots in the water that melted glue.’

Corroded metal, rolled leather and an ink stick. The sound, the scent, the unique texture and the memories of these three materials resemble the winter in 2018.

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