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Arch lamp was a project seeking for a harmonious combination between divergence-convergence of arch structure and light.

Walls, columns, and arches made of the same material gives Museum of Roman Art(Merida, Spain, 1986, Rafael Moneo) its trademark appearance. The arches supporting the weight of the building are arranged in a line and that configuration divides interior space. People have an experience of ‘entry’ and ‘exit’ walking through each arches. Arch Lamp vizualized the spatial experience in it. Basically, there are 3 arch-shaped outlines in different size and those lines are connected by 3-dimensional surfaces. As a result, negative space and positive space are made between the surfaces. The lighting source(LED) are integrated into the lamp hiding itself under a thin perforated cover. All elements of the lamp, surfaces, lighting cover and LED, is bound together in harmony.

Museum of Roman Art, Mérida, Spain, 1986, Rafael Moneo(com)_4.jpg
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