Teme& pak


‘O-MOVEMENT LAMP’ design started from form study,

at the beginning I tried to make forms over 100 pieces that are related to symmetry and asymmetry and I took note of simple pattern of rings out of them. In design process, what I considered were its stability, smooth motion on the spherical surface and also the shadow effect. when rings are on spherical surface, they tend to be overlapped each other. For making circles stable. it needed a minimum thinkness, which is over 2.5mm. Basically, this lamp is made of 3-layers. The main layer outside shows entire shape of the lamp and it works as a knob that creates pattern of circles. There is a small piece at the centre inside of outer spherical cover. That plays a role of as a standard that lead all rest of circles. The advantage of it is having a limited movement, so that allows you to move all of circles inside with your fingers. For it has pattern of circles that users can adjust it by themselves, The lamp is close to human hands. And also it uses a switch that is activated by human hands(push) and keeps the light on when people touch the lamp to control the rings.

Untitled-1 copy.jpg